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9th anniversary

Posted by Kieran - August 23rd, 2017

today marks 9 years since my account was made heres to more years of NG fun!!


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Happy 9th NG birthday!!1

thanks sir

*raises wineglass* gratz, buddy

thanks Cyberdevil's Best Friend

np, how did you know he was my online best friend (make that best friend overall considering i dont have RL friends LOL)

its obvious, you always comment on his news posts and also you made a thread in 2014 wishing him happy birthday

damn, i seen you've done your research son. Also I'm his only frequent commenter on his personal site XD. i've seen you post there a few times though

yea he has a good looking website

9? THis account is a child

but your account is like 1

Son I have been here since 2006

lel ive been using NG since 2004 i only made my account in 2008

Hate to tell you, but there's no perks or prizes for being here over 10 years... no watch, no certificate, not even a stinking medal, or a PM from Tom or his insane tank posse. Also pretty sure this place is some kinda cult, but likely the world is the cult and this is the 'safe space'

Oh, figured out what the gag was w/ the picture in Midnight Spooks 2... the first time we see the photo, she's holding up 2 fingers. After the guy's friend dies, the red head's holding up 3 fingers :O

so is the guy the third victim?

Yup the guy who wanted the photo in the game was the third victim, and the photo changed to reflect her 'score'

I signed up in 1973 Beat thAT

i signed up before the universe was made beat THAT

I’m Jesus beat THAT


I’m gonna beat YOU :)

Hmm did you delete a bunch of posts recently...? Feels like there'd been a few newer ones? But Happy Anniversary man! A bit late here.

Next year's bound to be special. :)

yea i did delete a few, hopefully i will become successful next year

Yeah, hope so too! If naught else 10 years is a pretty cool amount. Full decade. Official veteran status. :)


hey Ive had Tom comment before


proof was lost

yo whats up with the NAMECHANGE

nothing , im still changing it back

happy NG birthday!

i've been lurking NG since 2001, and i discovered the CC's epic movies on 2003, but it wasnt until 2006 when first made my NG profile in here.
its been 11+ years, and its great!

i love this place, and i hope that it will keep going strong.

This Is Jimmie J. Thanks for faving my animation King of Monkeys I really appreciateit.

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